Looking forward to TTC 2019 - Malaysia's largest ever theology conference

The Gospel Growth Fellowship (GGF) has been working hard at training leaders and preparing for the smooth running of the largest Thinking Theologically Conference (TTC) that is off to a great start today till Saturday.

Since 2008, GGF has been running Malaysia's first and only conference dedicated to learning how to think theologically. TTC 2019 is on the topic of Christology, the person of Christ and will see more than 300 participants, the largest ever in the history of Malaysia, consisting of 125 first-timers, with participants from over 50 churches.

More than 80 groups, 14 electives, 4 talks, and over 20 leaders have been preparing for weeks on end for the 4 days of studying God's thoughts. The conference is expected to impact 20 university ministries in terms of the quality of understanding and faithful handling of Scripture etc. Ex university Christian Fellowship president Choo Yee Ling says that she expects an increase in morale and participation in evangelism as a result.

"I'm really excited to learn about the person of Christ, and I hope fellow friends from my campus will see and fall in love with the Scriptures and appreciate the beauty of God's big plan as we discuss and study God's thoughts together," she quipped.

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