A Message from Dr Stephen Wellum to GGF & Supporters

Transcript of video:

I want to speak for a few moments to those who are part of GGF (Gospel Growth Fellowship) and potential supporters of this very important ministry. I have had the privilege of being the Creation to Consummation speaker for the last week, but I've been in the area for about ten days now. I was brought in by the Gospel Growth Fellowship to participate in this conference that is held at this time every year, plus Gospel Growth Fellowship is doing other conferences throughout the year.

I've really been impressed with the desire of this ministry, this fellowship, to see churches in Malaysia be grounded in the Scriptures, grounded in a Biblical Theology and grounded in ultimately a systematic theology – theological thinking to see this entire package coming together. It's hard work, it takes time to put on conferences throughout the year the way Gospel Growth Fellowship is doing that, consistently four or five conferences throughout the year – that takes a lot of energy, a lot of time and a lot of money. They are very profitable conferences though in the sense of seeing spiritual growth, seeing churches represented not just from a few local ones but a variety of churches being represented, who are being challenged to know the scripture, to know how to put it together, to know proper theological thinking and to take that back to their churches.

Just the very name of the Gospel Growth Fellowship – its desire to see the gospel take root and grow in individuals' and churches' Christian lives. As I've had ten days or so to look at the context here in the Klang Valley, here in West Malaysia and as it affects the entire country, I've been convinced that there is a huge need for solid, biblical, theological teaching. That's not going to come unless someone takes the initiative to do that. To see young people, to see anyone who will come, trained so that their churches can be transformed, new churches can be established.

We need support for these conferences and this ministry to continue. So if you are able to do that, I know Gospel Growth Fellowship would covet your prayers, they would covet your support, they would want to see the necessary dollars to bring speakers in, to have many people work together to see this ministry advance. Other churches in the area if you are hearing this as well, to partner, to really work together to see transformation take place in church after church so that the gospel can grow and transform this area and all around the world.

Thank you very much.