350+ people at Christian Careers Day 2019!

Christian Careers Day took place at the end of March, and it was really encouraging to see over 350 Christians gather together to think about making career decisions for Jesus!

There were attendees ranging from high school students to pre-university students, young adults and parents as well. This year, Christian Careers Day aimed to help students and working adults think about their careers in light of the Gospel, themed, "Passion".

The event started with a talk by Dr Elden Pan, a seasoned GGF partner on how a Christian's passion is restored by, shaped, and fashioned around Christ and the Gospel. This understanding of passion can then be rightly applied to the Christian’s education and vocation.

The participants could then attend selected workshops, conducted by various industry professionals who shared about the nature of their jobs and tips on thriving as a Christian at work. There were also career consultation booths where participants could gain further insights on career prospects and consult experienced and mature Christians from industries such as the Health sciences, the Arts, Corporate sectors, Private agencies, Government bodies and the like.

Not only that, students from various local universities set up booths featuring their Christian Fellowships to share their ministry experience and network with both existing and future students.

Christian Careers Day ended with a time of corporate prayer, thanking God for the opportunity for fellowship and learning, as well as praying for the participants to make wise decisions that will honour Jesus and his passion.

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