Over 600 attendees at GGF’s first ever online event - CCD 2020!

The coronavirus pandemic did not stop Christian Careers Day 2020 from happening on the 1st of May - this time online! This year’s event saw more than twice the number of participants from 2019, with 731 total registrations, 143 of which were walk-ins. Students from 77 universities and schools joined us as we thought about the topic of “Staying Faithful.” More than 210 churches were represented. Registration was free of charge, and we were so glad to host students, adults, parents and even pastors to our one day event online.

The event consisted of three complementary talks, a live Q&A session, and free consultation workshops with professionals from 28 industries.

GGF hosted Ms. Kek Jay Lyn, Mr. Joshua Tay, and Ms Winnie Lai, dedicated long-time partners of the Fellowship for the three complementary talks. You can also learn more about the CCD 2020 speakers here.

During the first talk, Ms. Kek Jay Lyn helped us think about the theology of faithfulness as seen in the Bible, and therefore how Christians are to think about making study or job decisions out of faithfulness to Jesus. You can listen to her talk here.

In the second talk, Mr. Joshua Tay, shared what it takes to be a valuable employee using the “double T” principle. His talk is available here.

In the third talk, Ms. Winnie Lai got practical as she talked about the brutal truths of the working world, drawing from her own experiences in the marketing industry. She hoped to give Christians a sobering reality of what to expect as they juggled between work and ministry. Her talk can be found here.

Here are some of the lovely participants in the free consultations!

Free consultation: Accounting

Free consultation: Banking and Finance

GGF is grateful to God for the opportunity and platform to host a free event like CCD, where young people can learn to think theologically about making practical decisions that will best serve Jesus and His ministry.

The speakers at the the live Q&A session

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