FWC 2020 - The Gospel and Unity with Rev Dr Mark Thompson

Fellow Workers Conference 2020 was on the topic of Unity - a pertinent topic for Christians in Malaysia particularly, given the diversity of denominations present and our natural inclination towards harmony and tolerance.

Participants from 65 churches across Malaysia travelled to Port Dickson to spend 4 days and 3 nights thinking through the topic with various talks, workshops, and electives. 52 of the 323 attendees at FWC 2020 were there for their very first GGF experience.

The talks were given by the principal of Moore Theological College, Rev. Dr. Mark Thompson, whose research interests include the doctrines of Scripture, Christ, justification by faith and reformation history and theology.

Participants listening attentively to four talks on the Gospel and Unity.

At the workshops, participants looked to Scriptures. Supplementary materials included contemporary articles by renown evangelical leaders across the globe, as well as articles of faith by church fathers.

Participants present their Ephesians 4 diagrams at the workshops.

Smiles as the rest critiqued each other’s diagrams and gave feedback on the presentation.

A total of 23 elective workshops were held, covering a wide range of topics on church history, philosophy, and contemporary understandings of unity. Dr. Mark Thompson himself led an elective entitled “Luther in Controversy: Lessons from Luther’s debates with the Pope, Karlstadt, Erasmus, Zwingli and Agricola.”

Elective on Presbyterianism in Malaysia, by Rev. Low Teck Wah.

Participants interacting with the elective leader.

Singing to our King as a people united in His gospel.

Passionate discussions.

To all attendees: we were so encouraged by your participation this FWC!

And so was Mark Thompson: Video preview:

If you missed out on the conference, you can find the talks here:

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