Creation to Consummation 2022 - our first physical conference after 2 years!

“I waited two years to be in Malaysia to preach about biblical theology!” Those were the opening words of Dr Brian Tabb at his prelude talk of the Creation to Consummation Conference that concluded just recently.

Titled ‘The reign of the Lord Jesus Christ’ and anchored on the book of Revelation, participants were treated to five talks and four Behind the Scenes sessions with Dr Tabb – who helped participants see the patterns of the Old Testament prophecies, and how it reaches its fulfilment in the coming of Christ and in the eschatological reality of Christ’s Lordship. The climax of CTC was at the Building Healthy Churches event, whereby more than 600 participants were able to hear from Dr Tabb on the marks of a healthy church from the book of Revelation. Dr Tabb included marks such as testing prophecies and teachings, obedience to the Word of God, enduring suffering with hope, as well as a love for Christ and His people.

Accompanying the talks were 2 sermons that Dr Tabb preached in the prelude and recapitulation sermon, touching on the reign of the Lord Jesus Christ as detailed in the book of Revelation. Dr Tabb hails from Minnesota and is the current Academic Dean of Biblical Studies at Bethlehem College and Seminary, where John Piper also lectures.

Dr Tabb was pleased to have been fellowshipping with the Gospel Growth Fellowship partners and the various participants from churches across the Klang Valley and expressed his prayer and hope for GGF to continue doing this ministry here.

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